10 Ways To Keep Your Vibration High

10 Ways To Keep Your Vibration High

10 Ways To Keep Your Vibration High

✨ LEARN to remain silent in moments of greater turbulence: Peace of mind and patience are your best allies during crises. Conquering these attributes is part of your spiritual evolution.

✨AVOID judging other people: your perception of the outside world is part of your inner world. When you speak ill of others, you are speaking ill of yourself. You hurt them and you hurt yourself. So love them and love yourself.

✨ CONCENTRATE your attention to the things you care about most: What you resist persists. If you focus on the negative, you will make it grow. If you focus on the positive, it will also make you grow. So what do you choose?

✨ BE QUIET. It's not that it's bad to fight, but remember it's just a test: You're paying off old debts or the consequences of old actions. So inspire, accept and let it flow. The more you remain calm and receptive, the clearer your karma will be.

✨ HAVE HOPE, what seems real is just a product of bad thinking of your imagination. Change it! Thoughts are things. Reality is created by your thinking and collective thinking. Change your mind and you will change your reality.

✨ FORGIVE, LET GO AND RELEASE: it may be difficult, but it's necessary. These negative feelings are what sustain the cycle of karma. Someone has to break, start doing!

✨ALWAYS SPEAK POSITIVELY: Words also form reality, both yours and that of others. Be careful what you say, be positive and affirmative and choose each word carefully.

✨ MEDITATE AT LEAST ONCE A DAY (5 minutes would be a good start): It's the best way to calm your mind and get in touch with your spiritual being.

✨VISUALIZE PLEASANT SITUATIONS FOR YOU AND ALL YOUR LOVED ONES: What exists in your mind will manifest in your reality. Create that reality for yourself and your loved ones, you are creating happiness and adding dharma.


How to raise your vibration:

1. Meditations, especially those related to balancing the chakras. Or you can simply do a very simple, cleansing meditation. Sit still and free yourself from all the worries you have, and simply inhale...exhale...
2. Sage tea, at least one cup a day
3. Bath with coarse salt (2 handfuls of salt in a bathtub)
4. ozonate your room.
5. Special candles, they can even be simple, each colored candle for example has its role.
6. Special sticks, which are for energy cleaning, or vibration raising, or sage, etc. You can find them on specialized websites
7. Drink water with lemon every day, because lemon is a powerful antioxidant, and removes negative energy in the long term.
8. Bring gratitude into your life. Every morning you should thank God for everything you have, and expect to receive more and more. Don't focus on the shortcomings.
9. Make affirmations and visualizations that you can create yourself, depending on the situation you are currently in. Without negations, and in the present tense.
10. Discover something you enjoy doing, and do it daily. Make a list of at least 5 things you like to do, and do at least 1 of them every day.
11. Drink a lot of water. It is known that water is an energetic form of life. When you drink water, you cleanse your body of toxins, and automatically raise your vibration.
12. Free yourself from the past and all the guilt you feel towards certain events from the past. If you don't, it's like going through life with a millstone tied to your feet.
13. Spend as much time as possible in nature. As much as possible, try to meditate in nature, eat in nature, etc.
14. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, and don't blame others. No matter what the unfortunate situation is that you are experiencing at this moment, even if on a physical level it is the fault of others, you have attracted it on a vibrational level. So, find out what you did wrong.
15. Use essential oils
16. Do something for another person. You can always find a way to help someone else or give advice.
17. Practice mudras. Mudra is a ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism.
18. Surround yourself with positive people, who have what you want, or always have the right mood to solve any unforeseen situation that may arise.
19. Learn to forgive. It is inevitable that we make mistakes. Even you, at some point, intentionally or not, made a mistake towards another human being. Remember that we become what we think. Eliminate the negative people around you and learn to control your thoughts so that you can lead a happy life and prosper on all levels."


Source: Petrus Laurentiu