Spending quality time with loved ones is important, and a mother-daughter retreat is an excellent way to do just that. Not only does it allow for a chance to reconnect and communicate, but it also provides a safe and nurturing environment for both parties. By attending a mother-daughter retreat, you can improve your relationship and create lasting memories. Get ready to enjoy a very unique and very special get away together full of fun and surprises!

Our Mother & Daughter Retreat is geared towards mothers and daughters who want to have fun together and build a deeper bond and understanding of each other. This retreat is a place where communication, respect and relationships can flourish in a positive uplifting environment. You will be led through mental and physical exercises and activities which will leave you laughing, questioning, relating and bonding with each other.

With a focus on positive psychology you will further develop your understanding of your personal and mother/child relationship strengths and weaknesses while discovering ways to develop for the future.

As a mother you will get the opportunity to go back into your childhood/teen years and find the relationship between your personal experiences and your fears for your daughter. You will be encouraged to reflect on your observed strengths of your daughter and your hopes and desires for her future. As a daughter you will have the opportunity to reflect on the strengths of your mother and develop a deeper understanding of her experience at your age to encourage an appreciation and understanding of her attitudes, ways of coping and her rules.

This is a retreat where you are accepted, your values appreciated and where there is no judgment. We will learn that there is no ‘right’ way to be a mother and no ‘right’ way to be a daughter and we will try and find a way to be the best mother and daughter combo that WE can be based on who we each are.

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